Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Board 2007-2008

Grant Blackwell will be serving as President for 2008-2009

(No Picture) Frank Moultrie will be serving as Vice President for 2008-2009

(no Picture) Pat Murphy will be serving as Secretary for 2008-2009(

Shirley Shalie will be serving as Treasurer for 2008-2009
Members at Large

Ann Morrell (

Jean Shiva (

Linda Eyer (

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


If you need a copy of this to print out so that you can join our Neighborhood Watch Program. You can either cut and paste this letter into your own word processor program or you can email and I will email you the letter in Doc form so that it can be printed out. Just put Neighborhood Watch Letter in the Subject Line.


Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association
% Neighborhood Watch Program
P.O. BOX 2162
Santa Rosa Beach, Fl 32459

Dear Neighbors,

Our Grayton Beach Neighborhood Watch Program has been established in association with the Walton County Sheriff Department. The Watch program is designed to assist in reducing risk of crime in Walton County neighborhoods.The Neighborhood Watch Program is all about neighbors looking out for neighbors. We work together to report suspicious activity to law enforcement.

To participate in the Program, you can enroll the Grayton Beach Watch Program by providing information on the enclosed application to our Watch Chairperson, Grant Blackwell. You can mail it to the address above, FAX to 850-534-0361, or email to

This information will be logged for future reference by the block captains who volunteer to watch for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious in the assigned area. They also serve as a contact of a non-emergency not requiring law enforcement.In the event of an emergency or potential for a real crime, you should first contact the Walton County Sheriff Department, 911 or 850-267-2000.

Signage is an important part of this program. The Association will position signs around the village indicating that we are a Neighborhood Watch Community. Individual home signs can be ordered from, on the "Category", click on "Property Management"

GBNA Neighborhood Watch Program Family Enrollment Information:

Name ______________________________________________________

Street Address:________________________________________________

Home Phone: _________Business:____________CELL____________

Children and Ages____________________________________________

Please provide any specific information that you would like for your block captains to be looking out for. (Example: Vehicles or persons you have denied access to your home. Any problems that you have had in past the we should look out for in the future.)


Is there any who lives in your home or regularly that might have special needs that you would like us to be aware of?


In an emergency, would you like us to contact a second party? (i.e. Security company, rental agent)


Animals regularly on your property


Keep in mind, your neighborhood watch members and block captains are volunteers. We in no way can assure that your property is protected in any manner. We are another set of eyes and ears for you and someone to contact if you have concerns. Neither your Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association nor your block captains accept any liability for our efforts to keep Grayton a safe place to live. Your local Sheriff Department offers free on-site surveys to assist you in doing everything possible to protect yourself and your property